Collection: Akaushi Cattle Semen

Artesian Ranch operates with a roster of more than 20 Full-Blood 100% Akaushi herd sires. These bulls have been strategically selected and bred to produce high-marbling, structurally-correct, functional offspring. Our herd sires range in age from 18-months-old to 10-plus-years-old. While our program is beef carcass-driven, we know longevity and maternal merit are essential to an efficient, productive operation. Herd sires on Artesian are selected with those traits in mind. Take a look at our semen offerings. You'll notice genetics like Shigemaru, Hikari, Tamamaru, Ume, Big Al, 0518E and Akiko. Consider Artesian genetics and find the sire that will bring your herd to the next level!