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  • What is Akaushi?

    Akaushi is one of the 4 breeds of the Japanese Wagyu cattle. Akaushi cattle are genetically predisposed to deposit marbling (fine fat) inside the muscle.  This marbling is what gives the Akaushi beef all of the rich flavor and incredible tenderness.  Akaushi beef is also heart healthy, providing high levels of oleic acid and monounsaturated fats (healthy good fat).

  • Half-Blood Akaushi

    We run a commercial cow herd of over 300 Angus and Red Angus females. These females produce our half-blood Akaushi calves and serve as recipeints for our full-blood embryo transfer program. 250 half-blood steers and replacement females are available year-round on a private treaty basis.

  • Full-Blood Akaushi

    Our full-blood Akaushi females were selected for their moderate frame size and strong maternal traits along with structural soundness. A limited number of full-blood Artesian Akaushi bulls & females are marketed year-round on a private treaty basis.  We also offer frozen genetics from our herd bulls and a few of our elite donor cows. 

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